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Providing more than 100,000 affordable apartment homes, so families can thrive and communities can shine

NeighborWorks America supports a network of responsible, locally-based housing organizations, that own a high quality portfolio of affordable rental homes so that families can thrive in their homes and communities. NeighborWorks America focuses on making our member organizations the best affordable housing providers in the country.

  • Why We Do It
    • While homeownership is a fundamental strength of our society, rental homes play a vastly important part in family and community life. Some people rent because they prefer it, while others do so because they cannot yet afford to buy a home or because the economic downturn has limited their choices. Whatever the reason people rent, they should be able to find safe, decent, affordable rental homes so they can be proud of their home and their community. Through our network of member organizations, NeighborWorks America is helping to make that a reality.
  • NeighborWorks' Approach
    • NeighborWorks America is creating a better life for Americans who rent and better ways for organizations which provide rental home to conduct their business. Our goal is to make affordable rental homes rewarding for residents, communities, developers, owners, managers, and investors. We help make this happen by supporting our member organizations with typically $15 to $20 million annually in capital investment, tools, techniques, training and other resources that help them get better at what they do.

Focus Areas

  • Residents
    • Promoting successful families and stable communities by helping organizations work in positive ways with residents to achieve financial and family goals.
  • Organizational Strength
    • Crafting tools and resources for businesses to improve performance  --- so that all organizations are successful owners and operators in their communities.
  • Past and Future Homes for Families
    • Providing critical organizational investment that helps organizations continue to manage and produce affordable rental homes in their communities.
  • Performance Measures
    • Stressing techniques that organizations can use to manage their performance across all aspects of their business – financial, property, and residents.
  • Access to Capital
    • Driving financial reporting of organizations in a more standardized and consistent way so that investors can have greater confidence

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