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The NeighborWorks Green Organization program is building a network of sustainable organizations that will lead the affordable housing and community development industry to a more sustainable future. Through the NeighborWorks Green Organization program, NeighborWorks America supports the comprehensive commitment to sustainable operations conducted by its member organizations that can extend social, financial, health, and environmental benefits of green homes and housing practices to thousands of communities and tens of thousands of individuals and families.

The NeighborWorks Green Organization program:

  • Defines green standards in specific lines of business and program areas
  • Builds knowledge and capacity though training, peer learning, technical assistance and financial support
  • Recognizes the achievements of our network member organizations through the new NeighborWorks Green Organization designation

NeighborWorks believes that sustainability goes far beyond green construction. Providing the most effective green resources, knowledge, and venues for action can impact a community at its core, transforming not only the physical environment that residents work and live in, but their quality of life, personal health and sense of empowerment. The NeighborWorks Green Organization program is about prompting financial security, creating healthier living and working environments, conserving resources, and building towards a more sustainable future - both for residents and for our organizations.

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